Welcome to the North Pole!

Welcome to the NORTH POLE VILLAGE, Ho-Ho-Home to Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s Little Helpers! Come explore this magical and enchanting place to discover how Santa’s Little Helpers create warm and heartfelt memories that last a lifetime!

Here at the North Pole, you will MEET SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS and learn how Santa’s little elf friends can bring holiday fun and magic to your home during the Christmas season. These adorable little elves will help you and your family create magical memories to last a lifetime!

After you have chosen your Little Helper, hop in the sleigh and make your way through all the NORTH POLE SHOPS. This is where Santa’s Little Helpers shop, picking up fun and special treats to make each visit with the children filled with North Pole Magic! Skate over to the WHAT'S NEW page and take a peek at what Santa and his Little Helpers have been working on all year and find out about special North Pole Magic events!

Don’t forget to glide over and visit Dolly Elf on the LITTLE HELPER FUN AND MAGIC page. Dolly shares real stories from the Little Helpers about their holiday adventures with the children! You’ll also read heartwarming stories from families, like yours, that want to share the love, joy, and shenanigans they’ve experienced with their magical little friends!

If you’re interested in all that’s going on up at the North Pole, pop down the chimney atTHE POLAR NEWS page and download the official newspaper of the North Pole Village. Staffed and written by a team of Little Helpers, these "ace" reporters dig deep into the snow to bring you all the latest and breaking news in North Pole business, entertainment, weather, and sports. Featured columnists include Jack Frost, Mrs. Claus and Mr. North Pole himself- Santa Claus.

Once you’ve made your way around the North Pole Village grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and get ready to create lifelong memories, heartfelt traditions and let the North Pole Magic begin!