Meet Santa's Little Helper!

Meet Santa's Little Helper!
The North Pole is a very busy place, so busy that even Santa needs a little help! Santa counts on his little elf friends to help make the toys, take care of the reindeer, and help with one more very special job- watch over the children!

Each year Santa sends his Little Helpers all around the world to watch over the children and report back on naughty or nice behavior. The Little Helpers encourage the children to be on their best behavior because no one wants to be on Santa’s “Naughty List”!

Each night, the Little Helpers write notes to the children. These notes are written on special "Elf Notes" note cards that the Little Helpers bring from the North Pole. In their "Elf Notes", the Little Helpers may congratulate the children on a great basketball game, say good job on a test, or encourage them to be nicer to a sister or brother. The children cherish these "Elf Notes" and delight in reading them over and over again.

While they visit, the Little Helpers also use their magic to play, have a little North Pole fun, and even get into a bit of mischief! Some Little Helpers have been “caught” playing video games, making cookies, hiding in the Christmas tree, having tea parties, and TP’ing the bedroom! The children love the adventure of discovering what their little elf friend has been up to all night!

Santa knows how much his Little Helpers enjoy spending time with the children, so he encourages the children to play, cuddle, and snuggle with their adorable Little Helpers!

Santa's Little Helpers visit from December 1st through Christmas Eve, when Santa picks them up with his sleigh. During the visit, the Little Helper plans fun holiday activities for your family, extending the holiday from one to 24 fun filled days!

The Little Helpers return year after year-establishing a heartfelt tradition that will be celebrated for many years to come and passed on from generation to generation! So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get ready for a little fun and North Pole Magic with Santa's Little Helper !

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