Little Helper Fun & Magic

Little Helper Fun & Magic
Hello my name is Dolly Elf.

I am one of Santa's oldest Little Helpers. I have had a lot of fun and gotten into my fair share of mischief while visiting the children! Now that I am retired, I enjoy helping other Little Helpers plan their visits.

Have you ever found your Little Helper hiding in the freezer or, that she made a mess in the kitchen while making cookies? Or maybe your Little Helper and some elf buddies borrowed the car one night to surprise your family with doughnuts in the morning or, had gotten into a snowball fight with mini marshmallows.

Over the years, we Little Helpers have had great fun and brought lots of holiday magic to many children around the world, so we thought we'd share our favorite stories with you!

If you have a fun idea or story that you would like to pass along to other Little Helpers and their families, send it to me and I'll post it here. Or, if you're a Little Helper and you're looking for a new way to surprise the children with a little of Santa's Christmas magic, come visit me on this page!

Have fun & keep sharing Santa's magic!



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