Little Helper Adventure Stories

Dear Dolly, Every year on December 1st when I return to visit Brian and his family, I bring my homemade toilet paper and I "TP" his whole room! He thinks it's the funniest thing! - Burt Elf

"Every year we celebrate the beginning of Christmas break with a special breakfast. One year the children woke up to find that Liam, one of our Little Helpers, had made a delicious pancake breakfast for the kids and served it up on his special elf plates. The kids were so excited that they used the plates for every meal! Unfortunately, all Liam left me -was a mess in my kitchen!"

Dolly, My little Claire is so sweet. She takes such good care of me and snuggles with me every night. One night while she was sleeping I made her a special cozy blanket and gave it to her on Christmas Eve. Santa told me she sleeps with it all the time because it reminds her of me! -Mary Elf

"Our Little Helper, Maggie, always fills our holiday with such fun and magic that we all just love her so much! Thank you Santa for letting her come visit our family!'

"The children came home from school today to find their Little Helpers, Daisy, George, and Sammy, had decorated our house for Christmas! What a wonderful surprise for everyone! The elves put up the tree, strung the lights, and hung the garland, leaving the ornaments for the children to hang. Wow! We never knew those little elves were so strong"

Hello Dolly, I just love lipstick. I am so lucky that Santa sent me to Caroline's house because she loves lipstick too! I love to write her little "lipstick notes" on her bathroom mirror - Ginny Elf