Letters From Santa

Item# north-pole-mail
Letter From Santa
Imagine the look on your little one's face when he/she receives a personalized Letter from Santa!Mailed to arrive by December 15th. Santa needs your help to double check the child(ren)'s information. Please provide the following information it is very busy at the North Pole and Santa wants to make sure he does not make any mistakes in this very special letter. Child(ren)'s Name(s): Nickname: Address: Little Helper's Name & Job: Child(ren)'s Age(s): Teacher's Name & Grade in School: Favorite Subjects: Sports Team & Coach's Name: Hobbies: Siblings Names & Ages: Pets Name & Type: Presents on Wish List: What does Santa need to remind to do? (Clean bedroom, brush teeth etc): Special Events ( lost tooth, winning sports team, dance recital, good report card etc):