Reindeer Games

North Pole Bingo
Gather family and friends for a friendly game of North Pole bingo! The Little Helpers have two important rules of play-you must use chocolate kisses for markers and you must shout “North Pole” when you have a bingo. Each game includes 10 game cards and set of 80 calling cards in a velvet Santa's bag.
Flash's Flying Frisbee
Watch it zip, watch it zoom, watch it fly across the room! Gather your friends and play a fun game of frisbee with Flash’s Fast Flying Frisbee! For added fun we can personalize it at no charge.
Dexter's Deck of Playing Cards
Play a fun game of go-fish or show your friends some great card tricks with Dexter’s Deck of Elf Playing Cards
You've Been Elfed Kit
Join us in a fun little game we play here at the North Pole. Just pick your favorite treat to share and show someone how much you care! Put your treats into the bag and leave it at their door, watch them smile and know that you brought them a bit of special magic from the North Pole!