Santa's Little Helper Adventure Pack

Item# SLH-SK
Request One :  Request your Little Helper by name- for example: we would like for Burt to visit us.: Request your Little Helper's job-for example: we would like a Little Helper that makes trucks.: Please list the full names of the child/children the Little Helper will be visiting- for example Jane Smith: Please give the complete address of the child/children's home where Santa will be dropping off his Little Helper:

Product Description

These Little Helpers are visiting the children for the very first time, so we made sure to give them a little help! Your Santa's Little Helper will come equipped with calendar full of fun holiay ideas and activities planned for each day of the visit, a package of special Elfnote note cards that the Little Helpers will use to write notes to the children, a North Pole Stocking for the Little Helper to snuggle in at bedtime, and a set of Arrival and Goodbye letters to leave for the children.