Santa's Workshop Party

At one of Santa's Workshop Parties, you'll learn about a fun new heartfelt tradition that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

Hosting a Santa's Workshop party is fun and easy! First, we'll put you in contact with a member of Santa's Sleigh Team. You and your Sleigh Team member will decide on a workshop date and time that works best for you. Workshop Parties can be held days or evenings during the week or on the weekend.

Once you have choosen a date for your Workshop Party, you will receive a Party Confirmation Packet. Included in your packet will be: a confirmation letter with your Workshop Party date and time, one North Pole Magic Catalog, and Workshop Party invitations.

Send invitations to your family and friends. Feel free to invite as many people as you would like to your home, where your Sleigh Team member will introduce you and your guests to Santa's Little Helper and a way to start a fun new magical and heartfelt tradition.

After you meet Santa's Little helper, your Sleigh Team member will introduce you to our full line of custom designed products and share fun ideas on how these products will enhance your visit with Santa's Little Helper and make for a magical experience for your family.

To schedule a Workshop Party call 630-584-8050 or email us at