Sleigh Team Headquarters

Sleigh Team Headquarters
Welcome to Sleigh Team Headquarters!

Here at the Sleigh Team HQ, we make arrangements for Santa's Little Helpers to visit children and spread their Christmas magic all over the world.

Long ago, Santa decided to reward his hard working Little Helpers with a special assignment. This special assignment was to go visit the children and watch over them for Santa. During their visit, the Little Helpers are to report back to Santa on "naughty or nice" behavior. Only while the children sleep, can the Little Helpers use their magic to play and write Elfnotes. Some Little Helpers have even been known to get into a bit of mischief!

The Little Helpers visit from December 1st through Christmas Eve, when Santa picks them up on his sleigh. Before the Little Helpers can visit they must first earn their candy cane heart, which they proudly display on their jumpers. The Little Helpers must also finish making their toys at Santa's Workshop.

At Sleigh Team HQ, we work hard to make sure that each Little Helper arrives by December 1st, but Little Helpers have been known to arrive as early as Thanksgiving and as late as December 23rd. Special arrangements can be made for a Little Helper to visit throughout the year.

To add a little North Pole Magic to your holidays this season with a visit from one of Santa's Little Helpers click on the Little Helper Headquarters link below!