Getting to Know You- Year 1 Holiday Fun Kit

Getting to Know You- Year 1 Holiday Fun Kit
Item# HFK-01
Color:  Personalize Ornament-Front: Personalize Ornament-Back: Santa has sold out of this item!

Product Description

This year's Holiday Fun Kit will help the children get to know Santa's Little Helper! They'll learn how to make delicious ice cream from fresh fallen snow, have fun baking and decorating elf shaped cookies, and adorn the Christmas tree with a special ornament made just for them by the Little Helper.

The kit includes one each of the following: Magical Reindeer Treat, St. Nicholas Coins, My List for Santa, Elf Cookie Cutter, Elf Ornament, and Snow Ice Cream bucket. Ornament can be personalized with a name on the front and a special message on the back!

** This season a Personalized Letter from Santa will be substituted for the Trim the Tree ornament**